I'm Gee-Wey Yue

I build applications that people need.

Software engineer - open to new opportunities. Experienced in product management for nonprofits, government and more.

About me

I am a software engineer, with a passion and curiosity for solving problems using technology.

I build mid-tier applications for Vanguard, developing solutions in the business logic layer. I recently led a migration project for a $650MM fees platform.

Previously, I learned full-stack web development through an intense 5-month software engineering course and building projects, some of which are listed below. I want to design, build, and develop my own solutions to technical challenges encountered during my previous 10 years of professional experience.

Currently, I am open to full-time software engineer roles.


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📓 React Web App

Algos is an algorithm visualizer, built to display different sorting algorithms using easy-to-follow visualizations. Users can toggle the size and speed of items to be sorted.

ReactJavaScriptreact-springSemantic UINetlifyLodashAlgorithms
ðŸĶī Rails + React Full-Stack Web App
Ok-Dog Virtual Assistant

Ok Dog is a chatbot virtual assistant (like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) that "fetches" your common requests. Current features include weather by city, top news headlines, and jokes.

Full-StackRuby on RailsRails APIGoogle DialogflowReactJavaScriptNetlifyHeroku
🃏 React Web App | Side Project
'Thirteen' Card Game!

'Thirteen' is a popular Vietnamese card game for four players, with the goal of being the first to clear out one's hand. This proof-of-concept was designed as a web application to be played on one device.

ReactJavaScriptMobile responsiveCard game


Online Courses:💊 Ongoing

Udacity, freeCodeCamp, Coursera, etc. to level up programming skills.

Flatiron School:ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸ’ŧ Sep '19 - Jan '20

5 months of full-time coding, with completed projects in Ruby on Rails, JS, and React.

The University of Texas:📓 Aug '05 - May '09

BBA in Finance, with related internships in Taiwan, Louisiana, and Texas.

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